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$99 / Month $ . . . / Annually

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Native POS & Website Integration
Manage your entire music business from one system.
Integrated Payments
Accept any and all payment types so you never have to turn away a customer.
Vendor Product Catalog
Easily add popular products to your store with our preloaded vendor catalogs.
Unlimited Phone & Email Support
Get the help you need when you need it.
Unlimited Users & Products
Add as many employees and items to the software as you need.
Basic Reports
Easily export the business data you need from anywhere.
E-Commerce Order Fulfillment
Manage online and in-store sales from the same solution with synced inventory.
Pooled Inventory Tracking
Know exactly what's in stock and what's not available across your store and website.
Customer Invoicing
Create customer accounts and keep track of billing.
Quote Management
Organize and keep track of quotes for all of your offered services.
Special Order Tracking
Place special orders for customers and keep a record of what was purchased and fulfilled.
Basic Purchasing/Receiving
Streamlined purchase orders from the same solution.
Website Editor
No web design experience required! Our user-friendly website editor makes customization easy.
Customer Purchase Tracking
Keep track of customer purchase history so you know what products were bought in the past and when.

$ . . . / Month $ . . . / Annually

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Everything from Startup, plus...
Multi-Location Functionality
Keep tabs on multiple business locations and enjoy synced inventory across all stores.
Reverb Integration
List products to a marketplace of musicians who are interested in buying your gear.
In-Store Rental Tracking
Oversee inventory, orders, and demand for rentals all from one platform.
Serialized Inventory
Keep track of unique inventory to match products and vendors with your customers' needs.
Work Orders
Direct text communication and customizable templates make it easy to manage instrument repairs and work orders.
Trade-In Tracking
Keep tabs on trade-ins so you have a detailed record of everything you need.
Manage a consignment program from the same solution, tracking all of the details you need.
QuickBooks Integration
Sync up with QuickBooks for payroll and any other business needs.
Product Conditions
Log the condition of your products within the software so there's a track record of every scratch.
Inventory History Tracking
Oversee inventory trends and purchase history to inform ordering.

$ . . . / Month $ . . . / Annually

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Everything from Core, plus...
Online School Rentals
Rent out instruments online and inventory updates automatically.
Native Email Marketing
Send promotions and offers directly from your system.
Request Review via Register
Request customer reviews at the point of sale.
Text Messaging
Easily send SMS messages from the same system.
Wishlist & Registry
Create and manage customer wishlists and registries.
Automatic Marketing Emails
Set up automated messages at any frequency you'd like.
Scheduled Sale
Schedule your promotions so you don't have to turn deals on and off manually.
Avalara Integration
Improve compliance, reduce risk, and spend less time managing sales tax changes when making sales online.
Shopify Integration
Tap into Shopify's features to enhance your online presence.
Custom Reports
Customize and export advanced reports on any aspect of your business.

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