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Tips on Running Your Store

Learn how MusicShop360 can help you manage your music business and how it
has helped other owners take control of their successful online businesses.

Customer Success Stories

Start a Profitable Instrument Rental Program with Ben Borkowski
by MusicShop360 Jul 28, 2023
Jamie Major, Reverb – Selling Music Gear Online
by MusicShop360 Jun 16, 2023
Tara Noble, Dubs Drum Basement – Long Term Customer Relationships
by MusicShop360 May 16, 2023
Carolyn Iga, Neighborhood Music School – Fostering A Cultural Community
by MusicShop360 Apr 18, 2023
Enumclaw Music, Serving the Music Community
by MusicShop360 Mar 16, 2023
Genevieve Swift, Lashof Violins – Providing A Personalized Experience
by MusicShop360 Feb 20, 2023
Migrating Your Data with Music Shop 360
by MusicShop360 Jan 19, 2023
Casey Green, Guitarma – Creating A Welcoming Atmosphere
by MusicShop360 Dec 21, 2022
David Lardizabal, Davids’ Broken Note – A Passion For Repair
by MusicShop360 Nov 22, 2022
John and David Connors, Connors Music – Modernizing A Music Store
by MusicShop360 Jul 20, 2022
Nate Corning, Mark’s Guitar Shop – Thriving During a Pandemic
by MusicShop360 May 25, 2022
Miles Stewart, Musician Supply – Never Leave Customers Disappointed
by MusicShop360 May 16, 2022
Max Larson, Centre Music House – Using Software To Save Time
by MusicShop360 May 11, 2022
Will Roffers, Owner of Northland Music Center – Instrument Rental Strategy
by MusicShop360 Apr 11, 2022
The Chapmans, Owners of The Acoustic Shoppe – The Customer Experience
by MusicShop360 Apr 04, 2022
Introducing The Music Shop Podcast: Conversations In Music Retail
by MusicShop360 Feb 15, 2022