“Very good company to work with. The comprehensive nature of having a website, an online store, a point-of-sale, and rental terminal makes this a great foundational tool to work with. I love this company.”

Neighborhood Music School

“Would recommend it to other retailers. I love that they’re always improving it and taking our input. They’ve been great partners with us.”

Donald Perkins

Teton Music



Music Shop 360 Success Stories



“Right out of the gate they were very accommodating to our needs. I can honestly say we really enjoy just using the system. They are constantly updating with new features and the integration is huge for us. Music Shop 360 has helped us not only survive, but thrive.”

Franks Music Centre

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The Best Music Shop POS in the Business


Music Store POS Experts

We know Music. We know POS.

Proven Tech

Music Shop 360’s cloud-based point of sale system has been shown to improve sales and efficiency.

POS Experts

Built by a team of POS veterans, Music Shop 360 gathers the expertise and experience of POS specialists.

Industry Knowledge

We’ve worked with industry experts and retailers to learn what is needed for today’s music stores.

Modern Software

To meet the needs of the current retail environment we’ve created an all-in-one cloud-based POS software.

Useful Tools

From service and repairs to marketing and clienteling, Music Shop 360 has the features and tools you need.

Meets the Needs of Modern Retailers

Enter information in one place and watch all your other channels update in real time.
Upgrade to the music store POS that does it all.

More Success Stories

Acoustic Shoppe

Our year-over-year sales increased by 35% after switching to Music Shop 360.

Jeremy Chapman

Acoustic Shoppe Owner
Chapman's Acoustic Shoppe

Would recommend it to other retailers. I love that they’re always improving it and taking our input. They’ve been great partners with us.

Donald Perkins

Teton Music
Franks Music Centre Logo

Right out of the gate, they were very accommodating to our needs and our budget. The system itself for what we do has been fantastic, and the integration was a huge part for us as still most of our sales come from I love the fact that it is ever updating and adding new features as well as being able to suggest features and how fast those features are implemented. During these tuff times bringing Music Shop 360 into the shop has helped us not only survive but we have thrived.

Steve Eyers

Store Owner
Franks Music Centre